Hi! My name is Ashley

...and I currently reside in Rosedale, British Columbia with my Husband and three beautiful children who keep me on my toes! My passions aside from photography are cake decorating, crafting, and design projects.  Creating things has always been my artistic outlet.  When I began my journey into portrait photography, I had one goal in mind - to channel the joy and happiness I felt through my lens and into my images.  These portraits aren't just a picture....they are treasured keepsakes that my clients hold onto forever.  With that in mind, I ensure that I give everything I have during each and every session I have with you.  

Whether it's creative, classic, traditional, edgy or something completely different, I will have a conversation with you to discuss your vision.  Everything will be covered so the final product is spectacular. I look forward to meeting new clients every day, and capturing some special moments for them to cherish.

Photo credit: Umbrella Tree Photography